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More than 1000 Youth to meet to mark the International Youth Day in Phnom Penh

@UNDP/Alejandro Boza - International Youth Day 2012

The global theme for this year’s International Youth Day 2012 is Building a Better World: Partnering with Youth which highlights the importance of harnessing the strength of young men and women around the world to seek solutions to the challenges of tomorrow. This year, there is a global call to youth organizations of UN Member States around the world to magnify the voices of young people and to collaborate with them on the various areas of development, employment, education, health and human rights. In Cambodia, General Directorate of Youth, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport joined with millions of Youth across the country and around the world to celebrate the International Youth Day on 12 August, 2012.

This year, UNESCO jointly supported the National Youth Forum, which was organized on 12 August at the National Institute of Education (NIE) in Phnom Penh to highlight the significant roles that youth from diverse backgrounds play in contributing to the development of the country and their communities. The forum brought together 1000 young people from universities, schools, youth organizations and associations to meet together with the senior representatives from the Royal Government of Cambodia, development organizations and the private sector to mark this important event.

H. E. Im Sethy, Minister of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and Mr. Douglas Broderick, UN Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in Cambodia, delivered the key note remarks to express the continued commitments of the Royal Government and the Unite Nations in supporting the National Agenda on Youth Development, in particular, the on-going effort in the development of National and Sub-National Structures to implement the Cambodia National Policy on Youth Development which was approved in June 2011 by the Council of the Ministers.

As part of the forum, young leaders from key sectors held a dialogue with the government representatives and their peers on the emerging leadership roles and innovations of young generation in addressing the national development issues, such as the importance of quality education, employment and skills development, environment protection and participation in society. The dialogue highlighted many good examples of young people contributing to the positive development of the Cambodian society. The dialogue from this forum raised awareness among young people about their powerful potential roles in development. The forum also engendered practical recommendations, shedding light on new avenues to promote the voices of young people for their full and effective participation in society and the future of Cambodia.

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