16.03.2018 -

Press Release: Inauguration of Samdech Techo Hun Sen Eco-Global Museum

After 10 years of collaborative efforts between the Royal Government of Cambodia and the UNESCO Phnom Penh Office, on the conservation and preservation of the World Heritage Site of the Temple of Preah Vihear, a unique museum – the Samdech Techo Hun Sen Eco-Global Museum - about the territory of Preah Vihear, will officially be inaugurated and will open its doors to the larger public, 20 March 2018.

An eco-global museum is a mirror in which the local population views itself to discover its own image. It is linked to a network of sites while the prefix ‘eco’ for “ecological” recalls the importance of both the natural and social environment on which the eco-global museum is based. Initiated on 11 May 2008, this new cultural institution not only reflects the civilization of the ancient Khmers but also the life of local ethnic Kuay communities and the rich diversity of their natural environment.

The museum concept has been developed throughout years of researches and fieldwork undertaken by Cambodian and international experts with the support of the Office of the Council of Ministers, the National Taskforce for Preah Vihear, the National Authority for Preah Vihear and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

As a result, the Eco-Global Museum displays not only archaeological collections from the famous Temple of Preah Vihear and its wider network of related monuments, but also exceptional and sometimes endangered flora and fauna as well as objects that illustrate the livelihood of local communities, both Khmer and Kuay.

The museum is currently being displayed on an area of 10 hectares and offer exhibitions on the local culture, history, customs, and nature; however, in its ultimate stage, the museum will cover 177 hectares of land. Its global scope represents the existing harmony between the temple and the natural beauty of the region and its people.

The ICC-Preah Vihear will be held on 21st March 2018.

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