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Take a stand for teachers, celebrating World Teacher’s Day on 5 October

@UNESCO\Beatriz PUERTA SANTOS - Banner of World Teacher Day display in front UNESCO Phnom Penh buulding.

Since 1994, World Teachers’ Day is celebrated in over one hundred countries worldwide annually on 5th October. Today we thank the Teachers for their enormous contribution to the learning and social development and express our support to their quest for decent employment conditions and quality of life.

The Joint Message by the Heads of UNESCO, UNDP, UNICEF, ILO and Education International on this occasion, calls for ensuring enabling environments that value professional autonomy and equality for teachers to carry out their duties in accordance with the great expectations placed upon them. The joint message also highlights the need for Teachers to be accountable to their students and communities. It encourages the teacher professionals to design and implement teacher codes of conduct, based on the highest ethical and professional standards, and to be oriented around the goal of teaching all students effectively and equally.

In close collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS), UNESCO Cambodia has jointly organized World Teachers’ Day along with members of Global Campaign for Education.

This morning we hold a common National Event at the National Institute of Education, organized by the Khmer Teacher Associations in the presence of His Excellency Minister IM Sethy, who is also representing Samdech Prime Minister.  This is indeed a remarkable event bringing together around 1500 participants, among which are teachers, education officials, leaders and friends from the development community, which demonstrates our collective commitment to teachers. Some other events will be taking place during these days, a TV talk Show and radio talk shows, and a public awareness open air event at the Phnom Penh Night Market with a comedy show, songs and other activities all related to this year’s theme: “Take a Stand for Teachers”. The several events taking place, aim to

  • To mobilise support for teachers and to ensure that the needs of future generations will continue to be met by teachers.
  • To celebrate and  pay tribute to the teachers’ work
  • To raise awareness on valuing teachers and educational issues among educational stakeholders, government, local authorities, parents, students and the public
  • To advocate for decent working conditions for teachers
  • To provide a venue to discuss the challenges and issues experienced by teachers and key stakeholders in achieving Education for All objectives

In addition, several local NGOs will also conduct local advocacy events in their provinces.

On this special day, let us express together our gratitude to the teachers for their exceptional contribution in building a modern and sustainable society and the enormous impact they have on our society and our future citizens. And we commit to stand by them.  As Irina Bokova, the UNESCO Director General, states: “We expect a lot from teachers – they, in turn, are right to expect as much from us”.

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