30.08.2012 -

UNESCO Experts Mission to Cambodia to Strengthen Cultural Policy and Development

22 August 2012, Phnom Penh – The Secretariat of the UNESCO 2005 Convention of the Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions has provided the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia with two international experts on Cultural Creative Industries, Ms. Vesna Čopič and Ms. Milena Dragićević Šešić, from July to August 2012.

The global objective of the mission was to assist the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts (MoCFA) to prepare the grounds for the development of the cultural sector and to finalize its draft of the Cultural Policy in Cambodia. UNESCO has been working in close cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts for the protection, preservation and develop­ment of the Cambodian cultural heritage and has worked to strengthen the national authorities’ abilities to safeguard and promote the country’s national heritage over the past two decades. The international technical assistance delegation will support the Cambodian authorities to identify institutional and human resource needs, provide cultural policy recommendations, and offer new insights for the development of Cambodian cultural organizations and institutions.

The situational analysis and policy recommendations will be presented in a document titled: Cultural Policy for Cambodia – An initial draft was prepared by MoCFA in 8 October 2011. This document will play an integral role in mapping out cultural resources and identifying potential agents and partners for the development of creative industries in the country.

The cultural policy priority areas are diverse, but in Cambodia, the development will focus on empowering cultural governance system through the establishing information and documentation infrastructure, supporting continuous professional development of public and private partners, and identifying new programme areas necessary for the development of the creative industries. The Royal Government of Cambodia has long acknowledged the important role that culture plays in shaping national identity, strengthening social cohesion and contributing to the economic development of Cambodia, and its initiative and leadership will no doubt be integral in developing and implementing effective policies and actions in the field of culture.

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