03.11.2011 -

UNESCO Phnom Penh Office Releases New Publication on Aspects of Mondulkiri's Bunoong Traditional Culture

UNESCO Office in Phnom Penh has recently released a publication called “Aspects de la culture traditionnelle des Bunoong du Mondulkiri” in Khmer and French. The publication is written by Mr. Sylvain Vogel, a renowned linguist who has spent years studying and living with the indigenous Bunoong people in Mondulkiri province.

Published by the Creative Industries Support Programme, a joint UN initiative funded by the UN-Spain Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund (MDG-F), this bilingual volume offers an illustrated glance into the customs and traditions of the Bunoong culture and people in modern Cambodia.

This publication will contribute to existing studies on minority and indigenous culture, thus shedding light on an aspect of Cambodian culture that has often been overlooked.

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