03.06.2014 -

UNESCO Signs Agreement with Sida and the Ministry of Information to Prepare an Access to Information Legislation

@Sida - Signing Ceremony

30 May 2014 - On 30 May 2014, UNESCO signed an agreement with the Ministry of Information and Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) to cooperate on the project, “Working towards an Access to Information Law in Cambodia: Bridging the Government and Citizens for Participatory Law-Making 2014-2017.”

This project, a three-year initiative supported by Sweden, promises to be a significant initiative in Cambodia, aiming to promote an inclusive Access to Information law-making process, through the mobilization of key government actors and opening up channels for dialogue between the state and civil society. The project ultimately aims to establish sound technical mechanisms within the government to draft and debate the law, open up public platforms to receive input from civil society, and increase advocacy efforts through the training of journalists and media professionals.

An Access to information legislation is a crucial element in the efforts to reduce corruption, increase accountability and deepen trust in the government. Importantly, with an Access to Information law, media professionals and journalists can deliver high-quality and accurate news that is based on official information.

Through this project, UNESCO aims to facilitate an open and transparent process of drafting and passing the Access to Information legislation and prepare the citizens and CSOs of Cambodia to understand their right to information and to better utilize it once the legislation is passed.

For more info, please contact Ms. Jamie Lee, at hj.lee(at)unesco.org


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