13.12.2012 -

VOX POP: What Does Angkor Mean to Cambodian Youth?

Muykim, at Angkor Wat temple, Siem Reap

  • Phnom Penh is our heart, Angkor is our soul. We are independent, and we have freedom. (Dalin Than, 20)
  • In the early morning at Angkor, waiting for sun rise, feeling amazing. (Sokhay Chan, 19)
  • Regardless of its age, it never looks old to me. It is forever the most beautiful and magical site in Cambodia to visit. (Muykim Te, 19)
  • Whenever people talk about Cambodia, the first thing come up to their mind is Angkor. It is the representation of Cambodia as well as one of the World Heritage which is built with the unique standard design and the amazing construction technique of Khmer ancient. Angkor makes me proud of being born as Cambodian. (Somanea Sithon, 20)

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