16.11.2011 - UNESCO Phnom Penh

World Philosophy Day 2011

@RAC - Philosophy Seminar at Royal Academy of Cambodia

16 November 2011, Phnom Penh - UNESCO, in cooperation with the Philosophy Association of Cambodia (PAC), celebrated the World Philosophy Day 2011 at the Royal Academy of Cambodia (RAC). The event gathered academics, researchers and philosophy students from the Royal University of Phnom Penh who sparked a dynamic discussion on global ethics, religion, basic philosophical questions and the importance of philosophy education in Cambodia.

UNESCO supports philosophy to contribute to maintaining peace and security. It aims to ensure the universal respect of justice, laws and human rights for all, and philosophical analysis and reflection are the underlying foundations of its mission. The aim of celebrating the World Philosophy Day every year in Cambodia with youth, teachers and professors, is to reaffirm the value of philosophy through dialogue and to create a platform for discussing various ethical and social issues through a philosophical lens.

For the young people of Cambodia, philosophy can act as an essential “practical training on basic rights.” In order to be free from dogmas and be truly open to new perspectives, one must be equipped with critical thinking skills and the ability to judge and reason independently. UNESCO Representative of Cambodia said at the opening session: “The global problems that surface today are as diverse as they are new, and without a younger generation that can think creatively and independently, it would be impossible to come up with innovative solutions to unique and unprecedented problems.”

Manual on Teaching Philosophy in Asia-Pacific

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