20.05.2019 -

Zhen Tai Garment factory opened the new literacy class

On 20 May, 2019, the Zhen Tai Garment (Cambodia) Co., Ltd opened the new ​literacy class for its employees in the factories.  There are 20  female workers enrolled in this new term 2019.  The  literacy learners dropped out of school and migrated from provinces to work in garment factories. This new class will be organized during working hour from 10-11 a.m. from Monday to Friday.

Ms Ourn Sophea, Administrative Manager of Zhen Tai is happy to receive support from MoEYS, PoEYS, Sipar and UNESCO to implement the literacy program in her factory. Ms. Ourn Sophea, administrative manager, thanked the MOEYS and UNESCO for creating such a useful program to provide second opportunity to learn and earn. She encouraged all the learners to join the literacy class regularly and give their best to learn from the teacher.

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