UNESCO Community Radio Programme in Rattanakiri Province

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The purpose of community media is not to do something for the community but to provide the community with an opportunity to do something for itself. Through producing and broadcasting com­munity media, a community can promote its own identity and character, raise voice about their concerns and also contribute to the local culture.

UNESCO Office in Phnom Penh has organized and provided trainings on implementing community media projects and indigenous language radio programmes since 2007. With the energy and passion of young indigenous producers and UNESCO’s donation of essential radio equipment, an indigenous language radio programme was born. The programme now broadcasts on a daily basis for 1 hour/day in four indigenous languages—Kreung, Tompon, Jarai and Brao.

The BHN Association, a UNESCO Japanese partner, seeing the positive changes being brought about by the programme, donated over 100 solar battery-powered radio receivers to the indigenous communities in May 2010. The radio receivers were donated to the Kreung, Brao, Tompoun and Jarai villages which have between 200 and 400 families.

Through these radio receivers, the indigenous communities are now able to listen to the community radio programme and other national radio channels without purchasing batteries. The radio receivers cost nothing to run, but are profoundly affecting the peo­ple’s daily lives through information dissemination regarding health, culture, weather, education, environment, agriculture, forestry and more.

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