Media Training Centre (MTC)

@UNESCO/Chanthul Suos - Media Training Center

The Media Training Centre (MTC), currently based at the Ministry of Information (MoI), is a governmental institu­tion working towards strengthening the capacity of both governmental and private media in Cambodia. The training centre aspires to contribute to the development of a demo­cratic society through improving local media’s capacity in terms of content production and professionalism. Up to the present, UNESCO supported workshops targeting media practitioners, editors and reporters working in commercial and state-owned print media. The training topics could be diverse and broad. In the past, UNESCO, in collaboration with MTC, has offered trainings in investiga­tive reporting, freedom of expression and community media. Such trainings include sessions on legal pro­cedures, recognizing wrongdoings in the public sector, pro­fessional code of ethics, and legality and security behind the protection of journalists.

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