Capacity-Building Programme

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A project supported by the Japanese Funds-in-Trust outlines a two year plan to introduce a capacity-building project that will allow for the preservation, promotion, revitalization and transfer of Cambodian intangible cultural heritage. This project will lead to the development of a framework that will enable the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts and local art associations to set up a strategic plan in view of ICH preservation and promotion.

There is a need to act quickly, with long-term objectives, in order to ensure that Cambodia is able to protect its intangible cultural heritage.  Safeguarding intangible cultural heritage will also lead to the development of sustainable ICH projects, job creation, and enhancement of knowledge all around the world of Cambodia’s ICH.

The two-year project (July 2011-May 2013), supported by the Japanese Funds-in-Trust, will cover the following activities:

  • Component 1: Project initiation
  • Component 2 : Assisting Cambodia to establish or strengthen its institutional and policy frameworks for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage
  • Component 3: Capacity-building workshops on implementation and community-based inventorying
  • Component 4: Transmission of Sbek Thom traditions to younger generations
  • Component 5: Field activities with communities
  • Component 6: Capacity-building workshops on preparing nominations, proposals and requests  

Development objectives

  • To enhance the capacities of Cambodia to safeguard their intangible cultural heritage through effective implementation of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, thereby contributing to sustainable development.
  • To promote better visibility of intangible cultural heritage, awareness of its significance and function in Cambodian society, and mutual respect for the heritage of others, thereby fostering cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and a culture of peace.

Immediate objectives

  • To strengthen the capacities of Cambodia to meet their national obligations under the Convention, in particular with regards to inventory-making and other safeguarding measures.
  • To strengthen its capacities to benefit from the mechanisms of international cooperation established by the Convention, including International Assistance from the Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund.
  • To build up a critical mass of national capacity, both in government institutions and in civil society, so that Cambodia will have a sustainable framework for safeguarding intangible heritage and implementing the Convention.
  • To establish the full inventory of one of the most important ICH forms.
  • To establish the national strategic plan for ICH preservation and promotion in Cambodia.
  • To be able to prepare the candidature files for the following ICH
  • To transfer Sbek Thom traditions to younger generation

Results to be achieved

  • The working group for the strategic plan will be established.
  • The involvement of local and international NGOs will be ensured.
  • The officials from the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts will be able to formulate the request for international assistance and the candidature files for the following ICH.
  • The capacity building in terms of implementation, nomination and inventorying will be done.
  • Cambodia will have its proper inventorying system at the national and local level.
  • Sbek Thom, the Cambodian puppet shadow, will be inventoried. ·         Cambodia will have its 2014-2018 strategic plan for ICH preservation and promotion.
  • The Sbek Thom traditions will be transferred to younger generation.
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