Living Human Treasures

@Sar Sokny - Basket Weaving, 2006

The Establishment of the Living Human Treasures System in Cambodia project was supported by the Korean Funds-In-Trust.

  • The terms and conditions for the Living Human Treasures in Cambodia was defined;
  • The Royal Sub-decree has been already ratified by the Cambodian Royal government;
  • The procedure of identification and designation of Living Human Treasures was elaborated;
  • Criteria of selecting Living Human Treasures has been established;
  • Finally, nine masters have been selected for the nomination;
  • Duties of appointees are established.
  • Detailed documents were developed to promote the Living Human Treasures System and the procedures for identification and nomination of Living Human Masters were presented.
  • The conference to promote the Living Human Treasures System among national and international institutions, experts, and artist was organized. The institutions that participated were encouraged to provide the National Working Group with relevant information on masters who meet the criteria.
  • Eight people were selected as members of provincial research teams.
  • A detailed research manual was developed for the provincial research teams.
  • A seven-day training on research methodology for provincial research teams was organized.
  • The research to identify masters was conducted and data was collected by provincial research teams in selected provinces.
  • Twenty masters of Living Human Treasures were identified, based on the results of research from selected provinces.
  • The seven-day National Workshop of Masters was organized in order to bring together the indentified masters to exchange knowledge and skills among them.
  • Meetings among members of the National Working Group were organized to establish a commission of experts and to discuss on the duties of the commission of experts.
  • The means of knowledge and skills transmission for young generations in communities were established in three provinces: Takeo, Svay Rieng and Kandal.
  • Transmission sessions of knowledge and skills from Living Human Treasure masters to young generation in communities were organized in the above three provinces. The workshop in Phnom Penh with the participation of students from the Royal University of Fine Arts was organized.
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