Cultural Center in Ratanakiri Province

@Khut Sornnimul - Ratanakiri Cultural Center, Ratanakiri Province

Within the framework of the MDG-F Creative Industries Support Programme, UNESCO has supported the establishment of two cultural centers located in the Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri provinces, where the majority of the population is comprised of Indigenous People.

Designed to support efforts to safeguard and promote indigenous culture, these centers also aim to promote a participatory approach whereby local communities and NGOs are deeply involved. Inaugurated in December 2010, the Mondulkiri Resource and Documentation Center has been organizing regular cultural events such as exhibitions, screenings and storytelling not only at its premises but also in surrounding villages through regular outreach activities. The Center puts itself at the disposal of the local civil and cultural stakeholders for the organization of meetings, workshops or cultural performances. At the same time, the Center aims at becoming a repository of knowledge on local culture by collecting literature and audiovisual products documenting the region’s very diverse cultural and natural heritage. As such, it has successfully attracted a growing number of visitors, including tourists, researchers but also a large number of local students.

Following the same concept, the Ratanakiri Cultural Centers currently being constructed in Ban Lung city will be inaugurated early 2012.

Mondulkiri Resource and Documentation Center

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