One Hundred Missing Objects Volume II

Hundred Missing Objects Book Cover

With the support of UNESCO Office in Phnom Penh, in collaboration with the EFEO (Ecole française d’Extrême Orient) and ICOM, a Group of researchers at the National Museum of Cambodia are undertaking a research activity and elaborating an inventory of missing cultural objects which originated from the Battambang and Vat Po Veal museums. The project aims to publish, following the model of the first volume on One Hundred Missing Objects, a second volume of the series. The publication will assist the efforts in recovering its cultural movable objects which have disappeared from the country.

The project started on 1st August 2010. The preliminary result shows that a total of sixty four (64) sculptures in sandstone have been identified as missing objects from the two museums. The book will be published at the beginning of 2012.

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