The Living with Heritage

The Living with Heritage project is funded by the Australian Research Council and is a collaboration between various industry partners including UNESCO and APSARA. World Heritage site management in developing countries is challenged by conflicting demands of conservation, economic development and social equity.

The Living with Heritage project connects conservation policy to the dynamic interaction between cultural heritage, society and the natural environment. Increasing tourist numbers, damage to monuments and ecology, hotel development and land clearance for new farms and houses, are all inter-related. Management must be sensitive to these interactions and changes across space and time.

The University of Sydney has developed two web sites as part of the Living with Heritage to aid in accessing and managing archaeological data and spatial information which are important tools for effective heritage management in Angkor.

The Archaeological Site Register allows users to search, map, and display information related to archaeological sites:

The Angkor Spatial Information Management System (ASIMS) allows users to search and access (with appropriate permission) spatial information related to the management of Angkor.

More information on the Living with Heritage project can be found at:


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