Conservation and Restoration of Angkor Wat Temple

@UNESCO/Chanthul Suos - Working Area of Italy Funds-in-Trust Project at Angkor Wat Temple, Siem Reap Province

The Government of Italy has granted 565,000 USD to the UNESCO/Italy Funds-in-Trust, for Safeguarding of the Angkor Wat Temple-Phase I (June 2008- Septem­ber 2011), while the APSARA National Authority provided materials such as sandstones, laterite and other necessary chemical products which is equivalent to 50,000 USD. The Ingegneria Goetechnical e Structurale snc (I.Ge.S) team, in collaboration with UNESCO and the APSARA National Authority, is working to complete the restoration of West Gopura, West Bakan and the West Moat Embankment – North Half – West Steps at Angkor Wat by September 2011.

The Phase II is a two-year project which will start from January 2012 with the contribution of 200,000 USD from the Government of Italy. The project aims to rehabilitate the west moat, north half, west steps (north expansion span 70 meters).

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