Conservation and Restoration of the Bayon Temple in the Angkor Thom Complex

@UNESCO/Chanthul Suos - Bayon Temple, Siem Reap Province

Phase III ($3,268,286 USD, Japan Fund-in-Trust)

With the financial support from the Japanese Government, the third phase of the project (June 2005 - July 2011) under the joint framework is called Japan-APSARA Safeguarding Angkor (JASA). This project is currently implemented in cooperation with the Authority for the Protection and Management of Angkor and the Region of Siem Reap (APSARA) which provides in-kind contribution. The Japanese Government Team for Safeguarding Angkor (JSA) is ensured by the Waseda University, and UNESCO is responsible for the administrative arrangements. The project consists of the following three main components:  

  1. Restoration of the southern library of the Bayon;
  2. Study of the structural stability of the central tower of the Bayon;
  3. Study of the method for conservation of the bas-reliefs in the inner gallery of the Bayon.

The Phase IV of the above project (2011-2015) is foreseen to ensure the structural sta­bility of the central tower of the Bayon Temple and the restoration of bas-reliefs of the inner gallery of the Bayon Temple. The Phase IV started in October 2011 with the contribution of 2.5 million USD from the Government of Japan and 500,000 USD from the Royal Government of Cambodia.

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