Underwater Cultural Heritage

@Phan Nady - Mission of Staff of Under Water Heritage Unit in Koh Kong in 2010

RB, Biennium 2010-2011: 20,000$

Cambodia is a country with an important maritime background. Since 2007, the Cam­bodian government has displayed a willingness to define their underwater cultural heri­tage and to protect it for future generations. Cambodia ratified the Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage in June 2006.

Within the framework of cultural activities and with the objective to preserve underwa­ter cultural heritage, UNESCO is supporting the project entitled “The preliminary cartog­raphy of underwater cultural heritage in Cambodia.”

The Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts has just established an “Underwater Cultural Heri­tage Unit” to lead the government efforts in the field of underwater archaeology and underwater heritage protection and preservation. The underwater cultural heritage re­search team has also been established. This team is currently conducting surveys to establish a preliminary cartography. The preliminary cartography of underwater cultural heritage in Cambodia will be finalized and published at the end of year 2011. 

The UNESCO Phnom Penh Office has been working on the project document dedicated to the inventory and the preservation of the Underwater Heritage in Cambodia. This document outlines a three year plan to introduce a capacity-building project that will allow for locating, protecting, conserving and studying the underwater legacy of Cam­bodia. This will lead to the development of a framework that will eventually enable the permanent public exhibition of this legacy, hence allowing it to be accessed, understood and appreciated by people around the world.

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