Technical Secretariat of the Interdepartmental Committee for HIV/AIDS and Drugs

  • Developing Information, Education and Communication materials to implement HIV preventive activities

UNESCO Phnom Penh has been working with the Technical Secretariat of ICHAD to develop manuals and other IEC materials to guide the different actors involved in the national response to HIV/AIDS at national and sub-national levels (schools directors, teachers, and peer educators, etc.).

Several materials have been developed like teacher and student manuals for the Life Skills on HIV/AIDS Education Programme implemented by the MoEYS in primary and secondary schools in some provinces. Also, manuals for peer educators have been developed (for the Peer Educators Programme in secondary schools).

Both programmes aim at reaching young people, in- and out-of-school, to provide them knowledge and skills that will enable them to protect themselves from HIV.

UNESCO works in collaboration with the MoEYS and other partners (other UN agencies like the United Nations Population Fund-UNFPA or NGOs) to define the content of these manuals and to offer financial support for publications.  

  • Organizing Workshops on HIV Workplace Policy and School Health Policy

UNESCO Phnom Penh has been working with the Technical Secretariat of Interdepartmental Committee for HIV/AIDS and Drugs and the School Health Department to print guidelines for the School Health Policy developed by the MoEYS.

UNESCO has also provided financial support to organize dissemination workshops on the Workplace Policy on HIV and AIDS and the School Health Policy for education officials in several provinces (members of the Provincial and District Offices of Education).

Policies aim to raise awareness of professionals on HIV/AIDS so they can contribute in their capacity to the national response.

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