Technical Working Group for MSM of the National AIDS Authority

Stigma and discrimination, real or perceived, often prevent MSM and TG from accessing HIV/AIDS and STI prevention and care and treatment services in private or public health care facilities. This situation is threatening the lives of many MSM/TG who do not always have access to information they need regarding to health.

HIV prevalence among MSM is higher than among general population (5.1% for MSM in general, 8.7% only in Phnom Penh in 2005[1] compared to a projected 0.7% for the general population in 2010). New estimations and figures should be released for MSM and for the general population in the second semester of 2011 – this will be an opportunity to assess the impact of prevention programmes for MSM.

Thus it has appeared necessary to national authorities and stakeholders to develop specific programmes to target MSM/TG.

  • Developing Curriculum to Sensitize Healthcare Providers, Peer Educators and Law Enforcement Officials on  issues of Men who have Sex with Men and Transgender

Currently the Office, as a member of the National Technical Working Group on MSM, is providing technical assistance to develop a curriculum to train some of the professionals who may deal with MSM/TG such as healthcare providers, law enforcement officials (policemen, local authorities) and also peer educators.

It is important to train these professionals since they will work closely with MSM/TG. Healthcare providers need to be sensitized to the particular needs of MSM/TG and to be able to deliver free-stigma services.  Peer educators programmes aim to reach MSM in order to give them knowledge on HIV and life skills that can help them to make the right decisions.

The curriculum should be finalized in 2011 and will be used to train health care providers, peer educators and law enforcement officials in the coming years.

  • Training Health Care Providers

UNESCO Phnom Penh has been supporting the National AIDS Authority to organize sensitization workshop for health care providers. This workshop aims at giving knowledge on HIV and skills to guide health care providers in their work with Men who have Sex with Men.

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