Capacity Building for Education For All (CapEFA)

@UNESCO/Naoko Arakawa - CapEFA Workshop

UNESCO’s Capacity Development for Education for All (CapEFA) – financed by governments of Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland –recognizes that technical support to sector-wide and sub-sector education planning is an essential part of achieving the Education for All (EFA) targets.  

While huge achievements are made in education in Cambodia, large gaps still remain in access to and quality of education. Inequalities based on gender, ethnicity, income, language or disabilities are still major barriers to achieving EFA, and formal school systems cannot respond to all the needs of the people who are marginalized. By setting a clear and feasible action plan to enhance a capacity of the NFE sector, we can be better prepared to respond to these unmet needs of people towards achieving EFA goals.

With only four years left until the 2015 targets of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and EFA, UNESCO remains committed to provide technical support to the MoEYS to achieve these goals through CapEFA Cambodia. We expect to see the NFE sub-sector will increase its capacities to deliver learner-friendly services, with more effective and efficient management, stronger leadership and closer coordination, based on a more feasible and useful data system.

Within the global framework of CapEFA, Cambodia was selected as one of the 20 priority countries. CapEFA in Cambodia was approved at the end of May 2011 with particular focus on strengthening Non-formal Education (NFE) in education sector-wide planning.


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