CapEFA Trainings

Map of National Literacy Rates

Under the CapEFA (Capacity Development for Education for All) Programme, two important technical trainings were organized with around 70 participants from Ministry of Education (national and sub national), NGOs and line ministries.

Training for Country Literacy Acceleration Plan (CLAP) was organized for 5 days in October and participants learned how to use census data on literacy to develop credible literacy acceleration plan with priorities as well as how to produce maps on literacy using GIS software for evidence based analysis. MoEYS expect to develop around 500 maps this year for the first literacy analysis.  This new attempt to identify and address the literacy needs of marginalized groups within the country will set an example for other developing countries as we approach the 2015 deadline for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Education for All (EFA) targets.

Another 3-day training for Education Management Information System for Non-Formal Education (NFE-MIS) was conducted in November in order to respond to the strong needs in establishing an operational NFE-MIS in Cambodia to regularly monitor literacy and NFE programmes and activities and to generate evidences to develop effective policies and programmes. Participants identified the scope of NFE-MIS in Cambodia the key indicators and draft questionnaire during the training.

Several follow-up trainings will be organized next year to further strengthen capacity of NFE practitioners in these two areas.

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