Education Policy and Planning

@UNESCO/Chanthul Suos - Literacy Day 2011

UNESCO provides support to the Department of Planning of the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (MoEYS) to strengthen the capacity of the educational policy makers and educational planners both at the national and sub-national levels. In the year 2011, there is a strong focus on education planning and budgeting, and developing/reviewing Education Strategic Plan (ESP).

Under the UNESCO support, four main activities are set in the Annual Operation Plan 2010 of the MoEYS Planning Department, aimed to:

  • Strengthen the coordination in planning at the national level
  • Improve  the capacity of educational planners at the provincial level

About 35 MoEYS senior leadership from the Director General to the Minister levels participated in a retreat focused on policy planning and aid effectiveness, with facilitators from UNESCO Bangkok and the ESWG. At the provincial level, about 90 participants (Provincial Education Deputy/Directors, Planning Officers) from all 24 provinces participated in the hands-on-training and exchanged their knowledge and experience in planning development at this level. Some UNESCO publications related to planning design and coordination in a sector-wide context were translated into Khmer language for sharing among the MoEYS Departments and Provincial Education Offices.  

These activities will have impact in enhancing the MoEYS capacities in sector-wide policy and planning and more effective and efficient management following the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. They will be helpful to enhance the smooth coordination of the preparation and review of the Education Strategic Plan, preparation of the Annual Operation Plan and the Annual Education Congress of the Ministry.

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