@UNESCO/Chanthul Suos - Group Work in Bilingual Education Workshop

UNESCO Phnom Penh supports the national counterparts in their work towards achiev­ing the Cambodia Millennium Development Goals of promoting gender equality, em­powering women, and prioritizing gender as a cross-cutting issue in achieving Education For All. In the UNESCO Mid-Term Strategy 2008 – 2013, gender is a prior­ity area to be accorded in all fields of competence.

UNESCO works in close coordi­nation with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, UNICEF and Ministry of Woman’s Affairs (MOWA) for the implementa­tion of gender mainstreaming policies and strategies in all ma­jor education programmes.

In collaboration with MoWA, UNESCO is conducting a pilot pro­gramme in the province of Bat­tambang which aims to pro­mote women participation and to empower women in social activities by equipping the illit­erate rural women with basic literacy and life skills. It is led by MoWA in collaboration with the Non-Formal Education Depart­ment of MoEYS.Promoting gender equality is an important part of all areas of education.  It is the means by which we can ensure not only that the basic needs of girls and boys are met, but that they have the equal opportunity to achieve their full potential and realize their human rights.

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