Learning Throughout Life

@UNESCO - Young Children Playing Traditional Instruments

Learning begins at birth and continues throughout our lives. It is the continuous building of skills and knowledge throughout the life of an individual. It occurs through various experiences encountered in the course of a lifetime. These experiences can be both formal and non-formal.

Literacy is crucial to the acquisition of essential life skills that enables us to address the challenges we face in life. Ensuring literacy skills for all people will pave the way for every member of the society to participate in a range of learning opportunities throughout life. Creation of literate environments and societies is the foundation for "lifelong learning for all" and a tool for empowering individuals and their communities.

UNESCO supports learning at all stages in life and work with the government of Cambodia, local and international Non- Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and other education and development partners in order to make sure Cambodians can learn and develop all thoughout their lives, through formal and non-formal education.

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