Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

@UNESCO/Sun Lei - Early Childhood Class

Early Childhood is no longer viewed merely as a preparatory stage assisting a child's transition to formal schooling. Integrated approaches to childcare, development and learning are gaining ground. Services and support for parents with young children is becoming an integral part of early childhood services and policy, placing early childhood within the broader context of social development and gender equity.

In this regard, UNESCO is developing a number of activities to promote Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) in Cambodia. The Royal Government is committed to improve the educational services provided to early childhood.  

UNESCO has worked closely with the UNICEF Office in Cambodia to support the MoEYS in developing policies and strategies for ECCE. UNESCO’s intervention focuses on introducing global level policy trends and innovative practices by translating UNESCO publications, e.g. the ECCE Policy Briefs, for dissemination and use among policy makers and education practitioners. UNESCO has also con­tributed to the policy and the action plan on ECCE by providing advisory services.

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