Education For All

@UNESCO/Chanthul Suos - Bilingual Education Workshop

In April 2000, over 1,100 participants from 164 countries met in Dakar, Senegal, for the World Education Forum. This gathering was convened to assess progress toward EFA since the World Conference on Education for All held in Jomtien in March 1990.

The meeting also aimed to analyze the causes why the goal has remained elusive and to renew commitments to turn this vision into reality. As a result, the World Education Forum adopted a Framework for Action engaging governments to the attainment of six specific goals related to EFA. The Dakar Framework for Action also called upon each country to prepare a comprehensive National EFA Plan.

Under the Dakar Framework for Action the Royal Government of Cambodia formulated a National EFA Plan for Cambodia for the period 2003-2015. The formulation of this EFA Plan consolidates and extends a number of the Government's social and economic planning initiatives.

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