Combating Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Coordination Group

UNESCO is part of the Combating Gender-Based Violence Coordination group that meets every 6 weeks. This is a meeting between all relevant stakeholders from NGO’s Development Partners and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

The informal membership criteria so far has been an organization that makes or influences decisions about granting funds for work related to gender-based violence in Cambodia (even if the source of the funds is different from the organization).  Also, those organizations which provide technical assistance on issues related to GBV make part of this Coordination Group.

The coordination group was established in October 2010 by UN Women and GIZ Promoting Women’s Rights project (previously GTZ) invited representatives from development partners and donors engaged in supporting the RGC’s efforts in combating gender-based violence to participate in a multilateral coordination meeting.

The group has undertaken a mapping of ongoing programs and initiatives and compiled the available information into a joint matrix which is updated on a quarterly basis. This matrix is available to every interested party. In order to ensure a coherent use of the matrix, UN Women and GIZ have agreed to be responsible for compiling the updates from the different organizations until agreed otherwise.

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