Education Sector Working Group

UNESCO is the Chair of the monthly Education Sector Working Group (ESWG) which is a coordination forum among development partners in the field of education. UNESCO acts also as the ESWG Secretariat. Through the ESWG, together with other education partners in Cambodia, UNESCO actively participates in information sharing, policy dialogue, joint programming and provide technical support to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports on policy documents development (including the Education Strategic Plan, the Annual Operational Plan), capacity development and coordination of key events such as the Education Congress, and supporting the debate and implementation of aid effectiveness. UNESCO particularly contributes in coordinating and leading the discussions on Education For All coordination, teacher training, literacy and Non-Formal Education and others.

ESWG (as well as JTWG) are one of the most effective platforms among development partners and government to better coordinate their activities for aid effectiveness purposes. Sustained and wider participation of ESWG members to the ESWG activities should be motivated and ensured.

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