Global Campaign for Education (GCE)

@UNESCO/Marte Vindspoll - Global Campaign for Education - One Goal

Global Campaign for Education (GCE) is an advocacy movement, established in 1999, with the main purpose to contribute to achieving the Education For All (EFA) goals by 2015. The GCE, which is a coalition of charities, trade unions and citizens’ groups worldwide, is a civil society movement that aims to end the global education crisis. Together, the members of GCE aim to hold governments accountable for their repeated promises to provide Education for All.

The Cambodian GCE, the campaigning arm of the global Education for All initiative, has been operating since 2004 in Cambodia. The GCE Cambodia Leading Committee consists of the NGO Education Partnership (NEP), Aide Et Action (AeA), UNESCO, Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), Disability Action Council (DAC), World Vision Cambodia (WVC), Plan International, representing an additional 26 local and international NGOs working in the education sector in Cambodia.

Every year GCE works in collaboration and carried out the Global Action Week – Education For All Week in April/May that follows the global GCE theme. In 2010 the theme was Women and Girl’s education. There are also other activities carried out during the year like enrolment campaign in September, World Teachers Day in October and this year, 2010, we are organizing radio programmes every week where different education topics are discussed and guest speakers from NGO’s, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, teachers, economists, development partners etc will be invited.

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