United Nations Theme Group on Gender (UNTG-G)

The Royal Government of Cambodia has made significant policy commitments to gender equality and women’s empowerment. It has been innovative in its approach to promote and support the mainstreaming of gender in line ministries, next steps are to take forward a programme based approach to gender work.

The Cambodian Millennium Development Goals (CMDGs) address gender in CMDG 3 and also add gender indicators to other goals. The MDGs however will not be reached by 2015 without a concerted effort to address gender disparities and the needs of women.

In the development of the 2011-2015 UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in Cambodia undertook a gender review of UN programming.

As a result of further UN dialogue in response to the recommendations of the review the UNCT Cambodia has resolved to:

  • Make Gender Equality one of five UNDAF outcomes in its UNDAF 2011-2015 and to mainstream gender in the other four UNDAF outcomes.
  • Reconfirm the role of the UN Theme Group on Gender (UNTG-G), meeting every six weeks, comprised of Deputy Heads of Agencies/Senior Programme Officer (or agency designate) and Office of the UN Resident Coordinator, convened by UN Women to develop a strategic approach to support for the implementation and monitoring of the UNDAF and its alignment with gender priorities of Government.
  • Agree that the UNCT will commit two UNCT meetings per year to issues specific to monitor the work for the UNTG-G towards implementation of the UNDAF with a gender equality focus.

The UN Theme Group on Gender (UNTG-G) role is to support implementation and monitoring of the UNDAF 2011-2015 with specific focus on UNDAF Outcome on Gender Equality, and gender mainstreaming in all agencies that comprise the UN Country Team in Cambodia.

UNTG-G membership comprises of Deputy Representative/Senior Programme Officer level or designate of all UN agencies (both resident and non resident) and the Office of the UN Resident Coordinator with membership endorsed by the relevant head of agency.

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