Youth Working Group

@UNESCO - International Youth Day 2011

Since 2004, UNESCO has provided the closed technical and financial assistance to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to develop a comprehensive national policy on Youth Development. UNESCO has become an active member of the National Technical Working Group (NTWG), established since 2009, with other 14 members from technical departments of the MoEYS and UN Youth Focal Points. The NTWG is coordinated by the General Department of Youth of MoEYS. The NTWG played a very practical and important role in creating an outline for the National Youth Policy, reviewing the draft policy, and invited comments from stakeholders and facilitated ongoing consultations. The policy was successfully approved in June, 2011, by the Council of the Ministers. Other members of the working group are relevant youth focal points from other departments, youth focal points from NGO’s and donors, Youth focal points from the different UN agencies and youth association representatives.

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