@ UNESCO - Khmer Science Film Festival 2010

Khmer Science Film Festival

UNESCO office in Phnom Penh has supported the organization of the Khmer Science Film Festival for two years (2009 and 2010), in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut, the French Embassy in Cambodia, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and the Khmer Youth and Social Development Organization.

The Festival targeted primary, secondary and university students, and screened films for free at selected universities and schools that addressed issues such as: Science in everyday life, biodiversity, climate change, ecology and environment, life science, natural science and technology, culture and history.

UNESCO Phnom Penh believes that the Khmer Science Film Festival has demonstrated that science can be both educational and entertaining. The festival has contributed to the development of a science communication infrastructure and supported science education, while inspiring scientific curiosity of a new generation of Cambodians as well as raising awareness on the main environmental topics. In fact, it is essential for the Cambodian youth to learn and understand the issues surrounding science and environment in order to support the sustainable development of their country.

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