Thematic Areas of Action

Social and Human Sciences

The UNESCO Social and Human Sciences (SHS) sector covers a range of knowledge building, standard setting and clearing house functions.

In the Pacific, programmes focus on two key areas. The first is using social science to identify and build solutions for improving the lives of the most vulnerable, including:

  1. Support and empowerment of young people through building capacity and developing flexible and responsive youth policies.
  2. Research on the needs of vulnerable groups, including exploration of response mechanisms.
  3. Combating gender inequality and violence against woman.

The second area of focus is on the social implications of climate change, with particular emphasis on migration and gender.

UNESCO Office in Cambodia works in close cooperation with the Cambodian Government, ministries and public/private academic instructions to keep philosophy relevant for the development of Cambodia. Every year on 12 November the Philosophy Association of Cambodia (PAC), celebrates, in collaboration with UNESCO, the UNESCO World Philosophy Day. The World Philosophy Day marks the importance of philosophical reflection and encourages the world’s populations to learn and preserve their philosophical heritage. UNESCO aims to support Cambodian philosophical circles to promote and advance the teaching of philosophy in Higher Education.

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