Thematic Areas of Action

Never in its past has UNESCO’s action on the ground brought about such diverse and important international cooperation. Together with dozens of financial donors from all backgrounds (governments, agencies, individuals, foundations and NGOs), along with dozens numerous UN Agencies and implementation partners, UNESCO’s involvement in Palestine led by the Ramallah Field Office and dedicated teams within the Organization’s Program Sectors are managing a significant number of projects for the Palestinian people and for peace.

In each of UNESCO’s domains, the Organization has launched projects and managed others under partners’ initiatives. The wide range of projects aims to impact the largest number of beneficiaries possible.

The diversity of the various agencies and stakeholders allow the projects to benefit from the best expertise in a variety of domains, from the promotion of the freedom of expression to the safeguarding of archaeological sites, as well as from the right to education in crisis areas to the creation of new museums.

The commitment of UNESCO member nations and that of international organizations, NGOs and other entities strongly illustrates the importance of a sustainable and continuous support to the Palestinian people, not only in times of immediate crisis, but also in the perspective of peace.

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