Communication and Information

Journalists undergoing radio broadcast training

The Communication and Information sector aims to empower people by fostering the free flow of ideas, access to information and knowledge.

UNESCO is the only UN agency with a specific mandate to promote freedom of expression. UNESCO Ramallah implements projects to guarantee this fundamental right and its corollaries, press freedom and freedom of information, as enshrined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

UNESCO Ramallah facilitates awareness raising, monitoring and advocacy actions, and promotes the safety of journalists in partnership with local media organizations. It also backs efforts toward a legal and regulatory environment conducive to freedom of expression, and promotes the development of free, pluralistic and independent media. It supports projects that strengthen professional skills and ethical standards in journalism, and contributes to build the capacity of media training institutions.

The Communication and Information sector also fosters discussion and facilitates training on social media, blogging and the use of ICTs, considering their growing significance in disseminating information and reflecting the plurality of ideas and opinions in society. The sector also works toward the preservation of documentary and audiovisual heritage, in the understanding that libraries and archives are central to enhance access to information and knowledge.   

Through its different lines of work in the field of communication and information, UNESCO Ramallah promotes gender equality and the self-expression and participation of women, youth and members of marginalized communities, strengthening pluralism and public debate.

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