Inter Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE)

Palestinian girl in classroom

INEE is an open, global network of practitioners and policy makers working together to ensure all persons the right to quality education and a safe learning environment in emergencies and post-crisis recovery. UNESCO has been working closely with INEE since its inception in 2001. In addition to its support for INEE at the Global level, UNESCO Ramallah Office has been actively promoting the use of INEE at the field level to improve levels of preparedness and resiliency. Following the training of 700 educational staff, an INEE Arabic language community of practice was established in Gaza, providing support for the development of emergency education contingency plans in at-risk communities. With UNESCO’s direct support, the revised minimum standards were translated into Arabic, and widely distributed. Overall almost 1.300 teachers and other educational staff have been trained, in an effort that has been highlighted as best practice in the context of the INEE Arabic language community.

More recently, UNESCO contributed to the INEE Minimum Standards contextualized for Palestine:

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