Education Planning and Management in Palestine

Palestinian students in classroom

UNESCO supported the implementation of the MoEHE’s Five-Year Education Development Strategic Plan (EDSP 2008-2013), developed with UNESCO/IIEP technical assistance, and focus on strengthening national capacities in planning, administrative and managerial skills, at the central, district and school levels.

Building on medium-term plans (including the Palestinian National Plan 2011-2013) and based on longer-term needs identified with the relevant line ministries, the UN, with partners, committed to mobilize the necessary resources, comprising technical assistance and support for infrastructure development, to enable implementation in Area C. In this context, UNESCO supported the MoEHE to assess the needs in Area C highlighting determining factors that hinder the provision/protection of education and develop new monitoring indicators as part of their monitoring and evaluation system.

 In line with the objective of building national capacities, UNESCO, under the UN Education Thematic Group, also coordinates the United Nations response package addressing capacity-building needs at the MoEHE in inclusive and child-friendly education and early childhood development. This package is addressing needs of pilot schools in marginalized areas of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza.

UNESCO is also supporting education planning and management through its role of technical advisor of the ESWG. A major achievement during the past years was the signing of the Joint Financing Arrangement by the MoEHE with five donor countries. The JFA represents a concrete step towards moving in the direction of a more programmatic and Sector Wide Approach in the MoEHE’s implementation planning. More recently UNESCO initiated support to the MoEHE and national partners regarding the National EFA 2015 review.

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