Vacancies at the UNESCO Regional Office in Abuja

UNESCO Office in Abuja periodically announces job vacancies for local positions in the Office. Vacant posts are listed below. 

Internship at the UNESCO Abuja Office

If you are a graduate or postgraduate student (or pursuing technical/professional studies), specializing in various professional & technical fields related to UNESCO’s programme areas, you can apply for an individual internshipof 1 to 6 months at the UNESCO Abuja Office.

The candidates should be fluent in English, a good knowledge of French would be an asset. Depending on the qualifications of the candidates, the internships relate either to UNESCO’s programme activities (i.e. Education, Culture, the Sciences, Communication and Information) or to administrative and technical functions. A medical certificate would be required.Please note that internships are not remunerated. 

If you are interested please send an email to abuja(at)

More information on internships with UNESCO.

The candidates selected by the UNESCO Abuja Office should be registered on the UNESCO web site Candidates should submit their applications at least one month before the proposed starting date of the internship.


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