15.06.2012 - UNESCO Office in Brasilia

Future Earth: New global platform for sustainability research launched at Rio+20

An alliance of international partners from global science, research funding and UN bodies, launched a bold new 10-year initiative on global environmental change research for sustainability at the Forum on Science and Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development on Thursday.

Future Earth – research for global sustainability, will provide a cutting-edge platform to coordinate scientific research which is designed and produced in partnership with governments, business and, more broadly, society.

"We need a new approach to address the critical challenges of global environmental change and sustainable development which is more interdisciplinary, more international, more collaborative and more responsive to the users of research", said Prof. Diana Liverman, co-Director of the Institute of the Environment at the University of Arizona and co-Chair of the Future Earth design team.

Future Earth will bring together natural scientists, social scientists, engineers and the humanities with funders and policy makers to align research agendas, understand and anticipate environmental change, and develop innovative solution.

"It is essential to create an interface between science and decision makers. The "Future Earth" is an example of a link between the scientific community, government, enterprises and society. The launch of this initiative, which has UNESCO as one of the organizers, it is a concrete example of what can be done when facing global challenges", said Lidia Brito, director of the Division of Science Policy and Sustainable Development of UNESCO.








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