“Save Syria’s History”

Campaign posters © UNESCO/Prof. Abdulkarim

A national campaign under the banner “Save Syria’s History” was launched to raise awareness on the current looting of museums and illegal excavation of archaeological sites. It also serves to remind all Syrian people, regardless of their political allegiance, of the importance to protect their rich cultural heritage for the benefit of future generations.

Campaign poster © UNESCO/Prof. Abdulkarim

Posters and other audio-visual material were widely disseminated across Syria to support the campaign’s message. According to Syrian sources, their outreach and apolitical campaign has successfully served to engage Syrian people in actively protecting their cultural heritage, as networks of volunteers from local communities have come together all over the country.

Their actions include protecting Syrian museums from being looted by helping museum staff move archaeological artifacts to safe and secure places, as well as providing additional security, in cooperation with local authorities, around archeological sites at risk of being illegally excavated.

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