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Education for All (EFA) & Post 2015

Education for All (EFA) was a global commitment to provide quality education for all children, youth and adults. At the World Education Forum in Dakar in 2000, 164 governments pledged to achieve EFA and identified six goals to be met by 2015: early childhood care and education, universal primary education, youth and adult learning, literacy, gender parity and quality education. 
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Regional Education Project for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean, EFA/PRELAC

The Regional Education Project for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (EFA/PRELAC), a regional strategy to reach the EFA goals, was adopted by the ministers of education in 2002, intended to promote substantial changes in educational policies and practice, concentrating the efforts on five focus areas deemed to have strategic importance in the region for achieving the EFA objectives by 2015.
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The Major Project of Education (1980-2000)

PRELAC spawns from the Major Project of Education in Latin America and the Caribbean, an initiative that preceded the World Conference on Education for All (Jomtien) by ten years, and shepherded the education policies of Latin America and the Caribbean for two decades.

The Major Project of Education, approved in 1980 at the 21st meeting of UNESCO’s General Conference and programmed to last through the year 2000, was the result of the collective resolve of participating countries to meet by the year 2000 the following objectives:

a) Eight to ten years' minimum schooling
b) Eradication of illiteracy
c) Improving the quality and efficiency of educational systems and education in general.
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