Education about the Holocaust and Genocides

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Education can play a key role in preventing genocide and atrocity crimes by providing a forum to address past violence while promoting the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that can help prevent current day group-targeted violence.

Education about the Holocaust and genocides is part of the Organization’s efforts to promote Global Citizenship Education (GCED), a priority of the Education 2030 Agenda. In this context, UNESCO supports education stakeholders in their efforts to help learners become critical thinkers, responsible and active global citizens who value human dignity and respect for all, reject anti-Semitism, racism and other forms of prejudice that can lead to violence.

Our work

In Latin America and the Caribbean, UNESCO is leading the Latin American Network for education on the Holocaust and genocides, in partnership with ministries of education of the region. The main purpose of the Network is to support educational policies of Member States in relation to Holocaust and genocide education and to deal with difficult pasts through education.

The Network includes senior representatives of the ministries of education of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Paraguay, Peru, Mexico, and Uruguay. The Network is involved with various international partners, providing support and expertise to member countries.

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