Third Regional Comparative and Explanatory Study

Second release of results: July 30, 2015

*First release of results

The TERCE study assesses the performance of pupils in third and sixth grades primary school in Mathematics, Reading and Writing (Language), plus Natural Sciences in the case of sixth grade. The study involves the application not only of tests to measure learning achievements, but also of context questionnaires, to gain understanding of the context and of the circumstances in which learning occurs inside the areas being assessed.

This second instalment focused on the launch of the study’s principal reports on its findings regarding learning achievement and associated factors. The information also included national factsheets with relevant information.

The event was held on Thursday 30 July, 2015 in the Main Hall of the Centro de Extensión of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in Santiago. Programme.

Reports: second release

Questionnaires associated factors

The associated factors were determined by questionnaires given to students, teachers, school principals and families. Download the questionnaires used:

Presentations, Santiago de Chile

  • Carlos Henríquez (.PDF)
    Agencia de Calidad de la Educación (Chile)
  • Ernesto Treviño (.PPTX)
    Centro de Políticas Comparadas de Educación
    Universidad Diego Portales (Chile)
  • Jorge Manzi (.PPTX)
    Centro de Medición (MIDE UC)

National profiles (in Spanish)


TERCE who's who

Country teams and UNESCO contacts

Contacts for the press

Carolina Jerez Henríquez
Public information
Regional Bureau for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean
Email: c.jerez(at)
Tel. (562) 24724607

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