The Regional Education Project for Latin America and the Caribbean, EFA/PRELAC (2002-2017)

The objective of the Regional Education Project for Latin America and the Caribbean (EFA/PRELAC), approved by the ministers of Education (Havana, November 2002), is to effect substantial changes in education policies and practices in order to ensure quality learning that fosters lifelong human development for all. These changes should be based on the transformation of existing paradigms and promote education policies that place priority on the right to education and equal opportunities, and strive to eliminate any obstacles to full participation and learning.

The idea behind this complementary and strategic project designed to achieve the EFA goals in the region, is to mobilise and articulate national and international cooperation. EFA/PRELAC, conceived as an action framework, is organised around four people-oriented ruling principles within which five strategic priority areas promoting intervention and change are clearly defined. The Regional Project is intended to surmount pending issues seen as obstacles to the attainment of an education that genuinely excludes no one. EFA/PRELAC aspires to become a technical/policy-oriented forum that fosters regional dialogue and the collective construction of knowledge, while encouraging exchange between authorities and main educational system actors. It also seeks to mobilise and enhance international technical cooperation in the field of education.

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Prelac Journal

The PRELAC Journal was published by the UNESCO Regional Bureau of Education for Latin America and the Caribbean. It had been created in order to disseminate, monitor, and support the outlines of the Regional Education Project for Latin America and the Caribbean (PRELAC) agreed upon by the Ministers of Education of the region in November, 2002.

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