Educational Innovations & Best Practices


Education cannot merely respond to external demands; it must proactively influence social, economic and cultural changes. Faced with this challenge, educational innovations can provide crucial responses to emerging problems and offer new solutions to pending issues.

Advancing towards a quality education for all is only possible through concrete innovations within educational institutions and programmes. OREALC/UNESCO Santiago has taken on the task of raising awareness and sharing valuable experiences among countries of the region through Educational Innovations Network (INNOVEMOS), a permanent forum for reflection and debate on innovation and educational change, which is aimed at creating a culture of innovation among teachers and schools. This is done through identifying, systemizing and disseminating innovative experiences, researching and evaluating innovations, generating knowledge both from and for practice, exchanging experiences and practising critical reflection. Thus, INNOVEMOS has become a valuable reference for decision-making on educational policies and practices that help improve the quality of education at all levels and in all forms without exclusion.

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