Inclusive Education


Inclusion is a movement that seeks to transform education systems to respond to diversity in schools. It is critical to make the right to education with equal opportunities effective, and to understand its relation to the access, retention, participation and achievement of all students, with special emphasis on those who for whichever reasons are excluded or at risk of being marginalized.

Advancing in the development of inclusive education systems and schools is the responsibility of all. Therefore, OREALC/UNESCO Santiago, along with other education stakeholders in the region, shares technical advice, promotes inclusive policies and practices, the development and dissemination of publications, performs research and studies in the area and assessments, teacher training and designs tools to gather qualitative and quantitative information on the status of inclusive education in the region.

These actions favor changes in the perceptions, attitudes and practices of the various actors involved in education, contributing to the elimination of barriers to learning, student participation, and especially developing an education agenda that is truly inclusive.

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