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In order to address the issue of educational quality, the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean have prioritised their most pressing intervention needs, placing teachers in the centre of their concerns.  This, because teachers are key actors in achieving a Quality Education for All, the main objective of UNESCO. Strengthening the role of teachers in educational change is also the objective of the UNESCO Regional Teachers Strategy, which seeks to contribute to an improvement in the design and implementation of public policies.

The Regional Strategy has worked in three main – and related – areas: initial teacher training, continuing professional development and the teaching career. In that framework, the Strategy has developed a state of the art on the teachers’ situation in Latin America and the Caribbean, along with its most pressing challenges, and has prepared recommendations for the design of educational public policies regarding teachers.

The Regional Strategy on Teachers expects to generate specific knowledge in order to bridge the information gaps detected during its first phase; to gather information about the experiences of teacher-related public policy and organise these in a way that they can be accessed and used by all of the countries. Also, it seeks to offer direct technical assistance to those countries which need and are interested in putting into practice the guidelines established by UNESCO.

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