UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education

Given the importance of educating younger generations about the need to care for water on several fronts, in 2003 the UNESCO-IHE Institute was founded in Delft, Holland, for water-related education. The institute performs research, training and capacity-building activities on water-related topics. UNESCO-IHE continues the work begun in 1957, when IHE first offered a graduate programme on water engineering for the practice of professionals from developing countries.

UNESCO-IHE is the largest water education organisation in the world, and it is the only institution in the UN system authorised to grant accredited master’s degrees. Its main mission is to contribute to the training of professionals, to develop the capacity of organisations in this sector, as well as other centres of knowledge and active institutions related to water, the environment and infrastructure in developing and transition countries.

UNESCO-IHE envisions a world in which people know how to sustainably manage water resources and the environment, and in which all sectors of society, especially those people with limited resources, can access the benefits of basic services.

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